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-Interested in an Reverse Osmosis Water System?-

Provide the best quality drinking water straight from your own home faucet by installing a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system.

Systems can be customized to hook up to several sinks in your home, ice makers, and fridge water dispensers. Instant hot water systems can also be added for soups and teas without waiting for water to boil on the stove. Filter Options for Alkaline and Ultra Violet Light are also available to add onto any of our systems. Alkaline Mineral filters increase the pH level of the water up to 10.0 by adding calcium carbonate. Ultra Violet Light filters remove 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses, and micro-organisms that thrive in non-chlorinated water sources such as well water.

Pro Water Solution provided by Handyman Hoffman is a Reverse Osmosis system
removing a large percentage of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).
Other systems filter out 92-95% TDS, Pro Water Solution system filters up to 99%;
including pesticides, chlorine, asbestos, herbicides, lead, and radium....just to name a few.
Quality drinking water is best with as many TDS removed as possible.
To enhance your health, wellness and self-care quality of life.

Meter Testing BEFORE installation of the Pro Water Solution System. As you can see, the 0862 is the total Parts Per Million (ppm) of Total Dissolved Solids that are found in this clients drinking water straight out of the faucet.

Meter Testing AFTER installation of the Pro Water Solution System. Now, you see first hand from a Before and After test what the Pro Water Solution has to provide. Filtering out harmful unknown impurities to provide a safe and healthy solution to your much needed water intake, while saving you thousands of dollars a year in buying water. By the way, this system also has an Alkaline Filter added to create the pH balance majority of people in the US are seeking.

Reverse osmosis systems can be installed under the cabinet or directly below in basement. Custom installs are per clients best interest.

Specializing in Commercial and Residential drinking water systems for home or office, and now available in a portable option for travel.

Ask me about other water conditioning systems such as whole house filtration, shower filters, and much more...


Photo Caption: Dr. Alok Trivedi & Nick Hoffman (aka: Handyman Hoffman)

Handyman Hoffman had the opportunity to install the Pro Water Solution System with Alkaline included into the homes (Chicago & Miami region)
of Dr. Alok Trivedi. Otherwise known as Dr. Rewire, that increases his clients awareness of health, wealth and relationships.

"Pure water is the worlds first and foremost medicine."


-Water & Mold Damage Repair-

This project you can see the customer had external damage, we removed exterior siding, trim, windows, found the problem, added measures to eliminate future problems and rebuild back to better than new condition.







-Heavy Equipment Management-

Indoor Arena - Replace sand floor. Then moved outside to level outside parking.

-Customized Projects-

Handyman Hoffman can customize projects to fit your needs!!

From Custom Bike racks made to fit your exact bike model…

To Drawer separators made to fit your space and needs…

To customized door awning.

We have you covered…

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